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Cathy KingCathy King - Vice President Data Entry & Caging Operations

Cathy has over 25 years’ experience working in senior positions in the donation and subscription processing fields, both as a client and as a vendor. Cathy started her career in the lockbox/caging business when she was hired to supervise processing for a major client at Riggs Bank in Washington, D.C. By the end of her first year, her dedication to her work led to numerous promotions until she was promoted to Senior Operations Officer and given the job of managing 250+ clients where she directed all aspects of a multi-shift 24-7 lockbox operation.   During her tenure, she significantly improved the quality of work; helped clients save tens of thousands of dollars in mailing costs; and worked with clients to improve proceeds from special promotional mailings.

Cathy then moved on to work for the National Rifle Association. Her initial assignment was to bring all of their lockbox business in-house. This required building the entire operation from the ground up including, acquiring all the automation equipment, developing the physical office space for operations, hiring and training managers, supervisors, and line personnel. The entire operation was up and running is less than four months, ahead of schedule and under budget. During her tenure at the NRA, she held several positions including Manager, Information Processing; Director, Membership Operations, and Managing Director of Marketing and Analysis.

After many years and many successful projects, the siren call of new challenges sounded again and Cathy was hired by Palm Coast Data, a nationally-recognized provider of outsourced subscription processing services. Her initial assignment was to manage the four processing sites around the country, implement common processing standards for all the sites, improve processing efficiencies, and reduce costs. Eventually, with the failing economy, the decision was made to consolidate the processing from the four sites to the headquarters operation in Florida. Cathy managed the entire consolidation including the closing of three sites, hiring and training additional operators in Florida, working with clients to effect a smooth transition, and keeping the problems associated with such a complex project to a minimum without impacting the clients. The consolidation also was a starting point of building streamlined processing - giving clients efficient and top quality performance with reduction in fees - while maintaining profitability for the company. She was also responsible for reengineering the front-end processing with state-of-the-art technology in image capture and Check 21 processing.

Cathy’s years’ of experience has given her knowledge of every touch-point from mail design, list select, postal rules, data capture and integration, document imaging, and payment processing to exceptions management, contact center (in-house and third party), and all aspects of fulfillment services.

In her spare time, Cathy keeps busy with volunteer Committee work for Pancreatic Cancer fund raising and events; as well as, out-reach programs with her church.   She and her husband love to travel, but when she isn’t traveling you will find her working in her gardens – she considers “mulch” therapeutic !

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