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Jim Basso
Jim Basso
Director, Printing Solutions and Business Development

Jim brings over 25 years of experience in the exciting world of production mail processing.

In the 1980’s, Jim learned the mail trade as a front-line sales executive for Pitney Bowes, offering mailing solutions to clientele as varied as Fortune 500 corporations to locally run non-profit organizations.

In 1994, Jim joined Prosort LLC, a Delaware-based presort service bureau and played a key role in helping them grow to one of the largest presort bureaus in the country. Jim utilized his problem solving skills developed at Pitney Bowes to identify other mail related areas that clients were willing to outsource.

Leveraging the presort discounts that they could achieve and the relationships they had developed, Prosort began offering turnkey print/mail processing to clientele that continues to this day. In 2004, the presort division was sold and the company renamed Modern Mail to reflect their multi-channel marketing capabilities in the market today.

Jim is DMA-certified and has been instrumental in helping to execute hundreds of direct response marketing campaigns over his career.

When not knee-deep in postage stamps, Jim enjoys activities with his 2 sons, playing guitar and keyboards, traveling and preparing epic cuisine for family and friends.

Jim earned a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of Delaware in 1981

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