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Kaylie Mawhinney

Kaylie Mawhinney

Kaylie has been working with NBS since June of 2011, and will be entering her junior year of high school at Concord High in Wilmington, DE. She is diligent, attentive, and always doing her best to put a smile on someone’s face.
Kaylie has won the first place D.A.R.E. essay award. D.A.R.E. is a substance abuse prevention program that comes to schools, etc. to teach students how to have violence-free lives. Most recently Kaylie won first place in her schools 2011 science fair. She received the first place award, the Principal’s award, and first place in the chemistry portion on her project to compare how different foods spoil when in different food wrappings.
Kaylie is entering her fourteenth year of dance classes, where she performs ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, and lyrical.
In the future, Kaylie plans to get her Doctorate degree in Forensic Science and become a Medical Examiner.
In her free time, Kaylie likes to go to her shore house in Wildwood, NJ, play with her 4 dogs, Kasie (a Beagle/Doxen), Bubba (a Beagle), Sophie (a Beagle/Doberman), and Buster (a Beagle/Basset Hound), play Sims 3, and shop!

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