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Expand your donor support capabilities by using our professional call center!

Let our friendly call center representatives answer phone calls from your donors via your own dedicated 800 number. Our representatives will have scripting created by you with our professional input, a reference manual, and prior specific training about your company to ensure they can give your customers the best answers and service possible.

Our call center representatives are experienced in supporting nonprofit transactions, donations, membership, product purchases and campaign code capture. The NBS call center offers:

  • Multilingual options
  • Your own dedicated 800 number. NBS can acquire a new toll-free number or transfer existing numbers to our call center.
  • Custom scripts
  • Quality control: We constantly monitor calls and customer service issues as part of the NBS continuous improvement program.


Outgoing Calls:  Consider using our call center to proactively reach out to donors as well! This is a great way to contact monthly donors and obtain their updated credit card information, or to provide support for an outreach/fundraising program. We can set-up an outgoing Caller ID Number to match your main office.

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