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Call Center

Our Call Center will ease your workload burden, by answering telephone calls from your donor and e-Store customers.

With today's increased online activity, your supporters are from all over the country and possibly from other time zones around the globe. You don't have to worry about missing their phone calls when you engage our call center!

Call Center

How It Works

First, we set-up your account with your own dedicated 800 number (or use your existing toll-free number).  Then, we work together to create a script and FAQ manual used to train and guide our representatives. They strive to become familiar with your company, and in doing so, become an extension of your staff.

Our friendly call center representatives are experienced in supporting nonprofit transactions, donations, membership, product purchases, and campaign code collection. The data that the representatives capture in their computer system can be exported nightly to your organization for import into your membership database.

The NBS call center offers:

  • Multilingual options.
  • Your own dedicated 800 number. You can acquire a new toll-free number or transfer existing numbers to our call center.
  • Service during all holidays.
  • Custom scripts.
  • Quality control: We constantly monitor calls and customer service issues as part of the NBS continuous improvement program.

Outgoing Calls

Let us help you increase revenue and support your volunteers, by making outbound calls.

Again, using your own scripts, our representatives can proactively reach out to donors to for a variety of reasons such as:

  • To contact monthly donors and obtain their updated credit card information.
  • To provide support for an outreach program.
  • To provide support for a fundraising program (For example, we have a client who used our Call Center to reach out to online visitors who had set-up personal fundraising pages but did not use them).

So that the donor being contacted by telephone feels more comfortable answering the call, we can set-up an outgoing Caller ID Number to match your main office.

Call Center

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