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Consulting and Benefits

Benefits of Using NBS Services

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Human Resources

  • Flexible, scalable services
  • No need to hire, train and manage more employees
  • We have professionally trained:
    • gift processors and data entry keyers
    • e-Store designers
    • warehouse workers
    • clerical workers to process printing and mailings
    • customer service representatives
  • Your employees will have more time to do what they do best

Overhead and Operations

  • No more juggling multiple vendor relationships
  • Save on facility costs, equipment and workspace because we have:
    • multiple service locations and work stations
    • cutting-edge technology and equipment
    • storage for products and printed matter
  • Quality control built into every service we offer
  • The ability to reduce your organization's expenses and increase efficiencies at the same time
  • Consolidated reporting that lets you make smarter decisions, faster
  • You have the ability to focus on new member acquisition and mission-relevant programs

Top-quality Services Every Nonprofit Needs

  • Processing that's fast, efficient and accurate
  • Improved database accuracy for more meaningful data mining and targeted communications
  • Data formatted for Raiser's Edge or other member management systems
  • Confidential and secure processing
  • PCI compliant credit card transactions
  • All data and e-Stores backed up daily at secure off-site location
  • Our call center operates 365 days a year
  • Quick and efficient project management and turnaround
  • Friendly service from people who have a heart for nonprofits

Our mission is to help you realize yours: by using our specialists and highly unique systems. Tedious tasks are done more quickly and effectively, allowing you to allocate more of your budget (and personnel) to your programs while simultaneously increasing the "return" on your administrative and fundraising "investments."

Consultative Approach

NBS is passionate about the value of nonprofit organizations: how they improve lives, enrich our communities, and protect our animals and environment. Our greatest professional satisfaction is in helping nonprofit organizations successfully manage their workloads, overcome obstacles, meet challenges, and grow more effective in the pursuit of their mission. Our professional goal is to deliver more to our clients than they expect and at prices they can afford.

We offer a variety of services, fundraising tools, and consulting opportunities and seek to enhance your nonprofit, allow it (and you) to function more efficiently, and raise more revenue in the process. We are focused on the return on your investment into NBS services, and with many years of experience helping nonprofits we have the proven results to make you feel good about that investment.

Your Success Is Our Success

Our mission is to help you achieve yours. NBS invests time in your organization by evaluating your needs and matching them to the best-suited service(s). We work with you, as your partner, to determine the best processes and methods to manage your ever-changing workload, and at the same time, we increase your organization's revenue.

At NBS, our team is our strongest asset and biggest competitive advantage. We seek employees and integrated service providers with diverse backgrounds and experience, who share our guiding principles of excellence, innovation, accountability and partnership.

To attract staff who will add the most value to our client relationships, we provide our employees continuous training and a dynamic work environment. Similarly, we carefully evaluate all of our service providers and check their pricing in the marketplace bi-annually. All of this is to ensure that we provide top-notch services at excellent price levels, allowing you to focus on your mission-oriented work.

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