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Receipts & Acknowledgments

As part of our portfolio of professional services, we offer a full range of printing, mailing, and list processing services by our knowledgeable and experienced NBS team members.

Whether you need 500 or 5,000,000 pieces, you will find our services advantageous for your budget and schedule. Let us handle all of your printing projects including merging, printing, folding, stuffing envelopes, metering, and sorting of mail.

We have full digital and offset printing capabilities. We also specialize in variable data printing and can handle specialty print jobs. No project is too large or too small.


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Tax Receipts and Acknowledgement Letters

We know that donor stewardship is crucial to every nonprofit's success. That is why we ensure that your receipts and acknowledgements are processed accurately and personally, and mailed as early as next day. We customize an unlimited number of acknowledgment letter templates, and once the letters are merged and printed, we combine them with any number of back-end premiums or package inserts.

Whether you generate thousands of donations a day or ten a month, our services can be tailored to your budget and to your unique campaigns. We combine the volumes of our many and various clients--allowing you to benefit from the lowest fulfillment and postage costs possible, regardless of your nonprofit's size.

Our services include:

  • Mail-merging gift data onto your letter templates (new, regular, major donors, tribute donors, etc.)
  • Using your donors' gift data, we can print:
    • Tax receipts
    • Acknowledgment letters
  • For letters (such as major donor communications) that require personalized signatures, we can e-mail a ready-to-print PDF to your office
  • Package fulfillment includes special printed information or back-end premiums for:
    • new members
    • monthly donors/sustainers
    • major/high donors
    • information requests
    • adoption kits
    • tribute certificates (e.g., in-honor and in-memory)
    • planned/estate giving
    • anything your organization needs to send to your donors!
  • Online reporting
  • Postage discounts:
    • Take advantage of being part of the NBS group of many nonprofit clients - we commingle for high-volume postage discounts
    • It is our business to know all the new and changing postal rules, and we know how to sort mail to obtain all possible discounts
  • No minimums, lots of benefits!


Raise Funds: Let us help you turn your receipts and acknowledgement letters into personal fundraisers. We have a very powerful system called the "Variable Data Printer" that allows us to create the most highly personalized letters possible with very little manual work and decision-making. We can collect up to 100 pieces of information about each donor and use these variables to "build"-word by word-a letter which speaks directly to individual supporters. This type of highly personal stewardship has been proven to enhance donor loyalty, and often garners a turn-around donation when the letter is received.

Direct Mail


Online fundraising opportunities continue to increase, but nonprofits are smart to continue to rely on "good old fashioned'" direct mail. Industry experts continue to point out the effectiveness of direct mail, and proclaim its success and necessary place in any multichannel fundraising plan.

While it is true that direct mail can be complicated, costly, time-consuming, and require great attention to detail, we can ease your pain-and save you money-by providing a smooth production flow.

Whether you use our printing and mailing services to communicate with your existing donors, or to send an acquisition mailing to garner new support, our USPS certifications and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to provide our client partners the most cost-effective mail processing and postal sorting solutions. We supply mail sorting, drop ship management, carrier route sorting, and international mailing services, that provide you the greatest postal discounts possible.

Be sure to use our List Processing Services for your acquisition mailings. Our experts will help you find the right prospects!

As your direct mail investments reap returns for your organization, be sure to employ our caging and data entry services to record the gifts and finish off the process with our receipting and acknowledgment services.

Brochures and Flyers



Every business, for- or non-profit, needs professional materials to market their business. Whether you need letterhead, envelopes, business cards, brochures, or other program materials, make your life simple by consolidating all your printing needs with one vendor - NBS!


Remember us when you have any kind of special printing project. We are your one-stop printing lettershop.

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