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(Electronic) e-Store Services


Our comprehensive e-Store system offers the following integrated services: shopping cart software, hosting, store creation and maintenance, payment processing, inventory management, professional warehousing to store your products, as well as the pick-pack-shipping of orders, customer service, e-commerce consultation, reporting and much more!

Fundraising and Acquisitions: Selling merchandise and/or printed information is a great way for nonprofits to increase their revenue and their public profile. Generating profit from merchandise sales is the primary purpose of each "store front" and every NBS e-Store comes with a free feature called "donation at checkout." This option brings donations and supporters that you would otherwise never have received! Whether your e-Store visitors donate or only purchase products, this is a great way to grow your donor base and/or acquire more prospects. We have software available to ensure that you can quickly and easily import the store transactions into your donor database.

Benefits: The staff at NBS is expert at creating new (or redesigning existing) e-Stores. Benefits of having an NBS e-Store system include, but are not limited to:

  • No need to store merchandise in your office or rented storage space
  • Your employees' valuable time is not spent stuffing packages, allowing them to focus on your important mission
  • Call Center (365-day) to handle your customers' telephone orders and questions
  • Customer service representatives to reply to e-mails
  • You get our many years of experience, eliminating the need to "re-invent the wheel" or spend time learning a new business function
  • Your donors have a new and fun way to support your organization
  • Your donors become "walking advertisements," wearing your nonprofit's apparel
  • More online fundraising options become available to you including Giving Catalogs and Adoption Kits


Great pricing! Because we have many clients, we can offer the best prices in the industry by leveraging economies of scale that multiple companies (our client partners) bring.

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Complete e-Commerce Package

We have the experts and systems to handle technical work such as:

  • Hosting - ours is secure, backed-up daily, and offers a history of 99.999% uptime
  • e-Store software and development:
    • Webmasters - graphic designers create and specialists maintain the store
    • Shopping Cart with 1-page check-out
    • Payment Processing - using credit cards and/or PayPal
    • Analytics - learn which products, sizes, colors and styles sell
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
    • Fraud Protection and Security
  • Facebook Shop Application available - fully integrated
  • Reporting - you will have access to a portal with easy-to-generate reports
    • Sales by date
    • Sales by product
    • Inventory
    • Donations at checkout

Product Storage & Fulfillment

Your products are stored at a bonded, secure warehouse that provides services to hundreds of companies, many which are nationally known brands. Because the warehouse is extremely organized and efficient, NBS ensures that your customers receive their orders well-packaged and in a very timely manner. Additionally, our warehouse system offers:

  • Inventory management made easy
  • Storage at a 425,000 square-foot, state-of-the art facility
  • Experienced workers pick-pack-and-ship orders daily
  • Scalable workforce ensures you don't need to worry about spikes in orders at the holidays or other busy times
  • No minimum activity required
  • Deep shipping discounts due to NBS volumes

We Invest in Your Success

To insure your organization's success, we provide extensive customer service and e-commerce consultation.

During the set-up of your e-Store, NBS experts will walk through each step and share industry best practices with you. On a continuing basis, we provide advice and guidance to increase sales, for example, "kitting" multiple individual products into package deals and special offerings using discounts/coupons. Our software makes these ideas – and more – easy to implement!

We strive to constantly upgrade and improve our services, equipment, and technology. NBS has designed and implemented several custom software systems to fill technological gaps detected by our clients or NBS team; you benefit from all of this at no additional cost. Your partnership with NBS means that you benefit from our relationship with other clients.  We are always working for you!

Since our founding in 1999, we have been at the forefront of the nonprofit e-commerce industry. NBS is the only nonprofit service provider which provides both donation processing AND e-Store services. By partnering with us, you will be able to coordinate more fundraising efforts across multiple channels – and best of all, you will have only one service provider to interact with: NBS!

Call Center

We work with you to set-up a customized Call Center tailored to your organization's needs and message which enhances your customer service capability.

Our representatives will have scripting created by you with our professional input, a reference manual, and prior specific training about your company to ensure they can give your customers the best answers and service possible.

Our call center representatives are experienced in supporting nonprofit transactions, donations, membership, product purchases and campaign code capture. The NBS call center offers:

  • Multilingual options
  • Your own dedicated 800 number. NBS can acquire a new toll-free number or transfer existing numbers to our call center
  • Custom scripts
  • Quality control: We constantly monitor calls and customer service issues as part of the NBS continuous improvement program.

Consider using our call center to proactively reach out to donors as well! This is a great way to contact monthly donors and obtain their updated credit card information, or to provide support for an outreach/fundraising program.

Outgoing Calls: Consider using our call center to proactively reach out to donors as well! This is a great way to contact monthly donors to obtain their updated credit card information or to provide support for an outreach/fundraising program. We can set-up an outgoing Caller ID Number to match your main office.

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