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Product & Premium Fulfillment

Save your employees' valuable time by letting us prepare and ship your mailings and packages!

person filling envelopes

The NBS team can pick-pack-and-ship all of your products, gifts, or printed materials, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Merchandise
  • Donor thank you gifts
  • Information Packets
    • New member packets
    • Planned giving packets
    • Information requests
  • Special premiums
  • Adoption kits
  • Planned/Estate giving kits
  • Certificates
  • Anything else you need to send to your supporters and prospects!

We can also "kit together" any of the above with tax receipts or acknowledgment letters.

Using our fulfillment services will not only save you precious time and storage space, but you also benefit from our very affordable shipping and postage rates because we are able to leverage volume discounts with the power of our many clients.

Your employees have important mission-oriented and fundraising work to do, so letting us do the busy work saves you money and keeps more of your organization's precious resources on task.

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