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Raise Revenue with NBS

Partnering with NBS will increase your revenue.  We are confident enough in our services to make that statement because we have proven systems developed over many years with a large variety of clients.

First, we offer easy-to-implement options that allow you to expand and enhance your multichannel fundraising program. Second, your organization will become more efficient, almost effortlessly, by outsourcing time-consuming specialty work and administrative tasks-meaning you can re-allocate employees' precious time back onto your organizational mission. Third, while all of this is happening, our affordable and cost effective services will also reduce your expenses!

Here are just some of the ways NBS will raise your bottom line:

  • e-Store revenue:
    • Automated merchandise sales, with professional and efficient fulfillment
      • Including e-commerce consulting to increase sales
    • Customized "donation at checkout"
    • Catalog Giving options
    • Adoption Kits
  • Highly Personalized Donor Communications:
    • Receipts and Acknowledgement Letters: We will help you turn your receipts and acknowledgement letters into genuinely personalized fundraising appeals!
    • Direct Mail:
      • Let our Variable Data Printer capabilities tailor your letters and speak directly to each individual in a personal way, which is proven to yield higher returns.
      • Obtain new prospects by sending out an acquisition mailing using our "list process services."
  • Convert Lapsed Donors with Call Center Services: Consider using our call center to proactively reach out to your donors! This is a great way to renew monthly donors by obtaining their updated credit card information, or to provide support for an outreach or fundraising program. We can set-up an outgoing Caller ID Number to match your main office, work with you to create compelling "scripts" for our representatives and even have FAQs prepared in advance to ensure accurate and articulate representation of your organization.
  • Time is Money – Let Outsourcing Work for You!
    • How NBS helps optimize your organization's time:
      • Less time spent hiring and managing employees
      • Less time spent on training and quality control issues
      • More time available to personally interact with your donors
    • Deal with ONE vendor by consolidating various services within the NBS team
    • Leverage our knowledge and years of experience in the realm of non-profit operations
    • Receive our easy-to-use (and highly understandable!) reports, and let them help you make smart, timely decisions

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